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Lucien Martini. Biography


Lucien  Martini was born in 1934 in Geneva. He grew in that city and after he graduated from College he spent two years in the  Art Teachers  seminary in Geneva (1956-1958)

Then he went to Paris, l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts, in the engraving section (copper)

Back to Switzerland, he started to carve wood,  became of member of the society XYLON in 1968, he went further into the art of woodcutting, while continuing to draw.

Bourse federale des arts appliqués, 1959

Professional activity

Lucien Martini taught art in High school in Geneva until 1999.


A.Copper engraving.

1963. Exhibition « Young Geneva engravers », collective exhibition in the Cabinet des Estampes in Geneva


a. 1967 Galerie de la Tour, Geneva
b. 1982 Galerie du Parc, Geneva
c. 1987 Galerie du Theatre
d. 1993 Salle Patino


Collective exhibitions. 1970. Xylon international, Puerto Rico
1973 Xylon Switzerland, Kunsthaus, Glarus
1986 Xylon Switzerland, Yverdon
1989 Xylon Switzerland, Arts and crafts museum, Winterthur
1990 Xylon Switzerland, Musee gruerien, Bulle

Personal exhibitions

Galerie « Art et vision », Bern :

Personal sources of inspiration

Lucien Martini was deeply impressed by the works of Stan Grof who explored the human mind and experience, following the steps of other great philosophers / explorers of the psyche. Then from 1990 he went deep into the works of C.G. Jung who proposed to follow the steps of the medieval alchimists , while enjoying all the knowledge of our modern times.

While good and evil will be inextricably interwoven, a way is open to us, the transformation of the dark energy into vital development ; the art of Lucien Martini shows that, while the reality is complex and multi-dimensional, light is coming through at times, hope is possible, and human acccomplishment is possible.


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