Lucien Martini

Wood engraver

What is the universe like, do you think ?

The world in which we live – or, rather, in which we believe that we live –is different from the world of invisible, multiple dimensions we are really in. We usually miss its hidden riches. The work of Lucien Martini endeavours to lift a veil for a little while.

A parallel world is there, constantly at work. Ties as strong as the ties of love or hate, are there, linking visible and invisible beings and things. Ties that are sometimes good, sometimes not so good !

A «Warrior of light », flanked by the sun and the moon, uses his heart to centralize the movements of such flows ; they go through his own body and thus get pacified and re-organized (N° 9).

Human eyes find it hard to perceive the « Saint », bathed in supernatural light, who has vanquished the two lions who are at his sides. The dangerous beasts are no longer to be feared (« Saints with two lions », N° 10)

« Atlas and his aids »(N° 7) uphold the sky vault. The myths of Antiquity and those of the Amerindians coincide : priests or heroes must « help » the world !
The « Soul of our galaxy »(N° 5) stands in the midst of innumerable astral bodies. This great feminine character, however invisible to our eyes, is there all the same.

Just as essential and just as hard to perceive by human eyes, a beneficent being reconciles man and woman, bringing their hands together (N° 6).
A powerful tree unites earth and sky. It derives its strength both from the earth and from above (N° 4, 15)

The primeval mother, the great mother of all beings, sits in the heart of the world. She is surrounded by all the protections that the universe can provide, so that she can continue to accomplish her mission (« Urmutter », N° 3)

All creatures feel these powers at work. And all are keen to peep into their origin, into the source of it all, the heart of things. They want to know « The secret »(N° 8)

Those whose eyes are open can see, up there in the skies, the « New Jerusalem », not an earthly city, but a spiritual one, a fulfilment (N° 2)

Underlying those currents and bonds and influences and flows, there is a humble, persevering work, it is the work of today’s alchemists. In their own space, watched over by huge, protective leaves, they pursue their research(N° 12, « Couple of alchemists ».

« Life energy »(N° 13) and « Evening’s harmony »(N° 14) quietly assert their central position in the universe. And « Synchronicities » demonstrate that everything is connected to everything else, in time and space (N° 1). 


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